A downloadable game

This game is free and released under public domain (https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/).

The basic idea is that you assemble the game, stick it in a jar, and give it to a friend. My hope is that it can be enjoyed by people who have never heard of TTRPGs before. It will circulate and grow, its writers remaining anonymous.

I've included a PDF which can be printed out and folded and stuck in a jam jar, doodled on and decorated, or copied out by hand (there isn't that much text). If you print it out make sure your settings for printing double sided lines things up right.

The leftover paper on the bottom can be used to start out little stories. Three sample stories are included separately, to give an idea of what a jam jar sized story could look like - but also feel free to take things in your own direction.

There's also a plain text version.


jamjar.pdf 403 kB
jamjar.txt 3 kB
jamjar_examples.txt 1 kB

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