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Update: I have finally admitted it is not a game and submitted it to the Not A Game Jam.  If you prove me wrong, please let me know. For the purpose of the Not A Game Jam, ignore Easy Mode, which unfortunately is a game, though I don't know if it's any fun.

Update 2: For those who like to read things on their phone, I've uploaded alternate pdfs

This is a realistic pre-industrial fabric production simulation game, with light elements of romance.  There are two levels of realism, one of them only for the most dedicated of hardcore gamers.  Only hard mode has been thoroughly playtested. The game mechanics for easy mode require one or more six sided dice (d6s). Hardcore mode requires various other things including the often underused d, some of which may be hard to find. 

The game takes a minimum of 40 days to play, unless you cheat (though only a few minutes a day in easy mode) and is for exactly 2 players.  No pre-existing game system is required.

This was made for the Fantasy Realism Jam.

But in addition to that, there are many reasons to buy this.

  • Overly elaborate, simulationist mechanics, completely custom-made for this game!
  • Truly excessive amounts of realism!
  • Really captures the feeling of making a simple object before industrialization!
  • Arguably playable as a game!
  • Exciting photographs of the game in action!
  • Romance, queer romance encouraged!
  • Really bad puns!
  • Over 5500 words, somehow!
  • Should be accessible! (except for the puns maybe)
  • Combat-free, suitable for games set in most regions of the real and not-real world!
  • Do you want to borrow plausible sounding dye words from a game for your novel? Buy this instead of Breath of the Wild!

The cover image is public domain (modified by me) and the image of a vase is also public domain. All other content copyright 2020 Sanae Rosen. If for some reason you want to reuse any portion I'll probably be fine with it if you run it by me first.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
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TagsBoring, Coming Of Age, Feel Good, Historical, Life Simulation, poc-made, Queer, Real-Time, Romance, satire


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This is beautiful and the puns are truly on point.

This looks like an interesting experience, especially the hardcore mode, which I am interested in trying but have not yet gathered all of the materials needed to do so. I also like the idea of the two characters represented. It avoids some of the awkwardness felt in many two-player relationship games by the second character not being the "Beloved", but rather a confidant. Thanks for making this.