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Whether you want to set the scene for a peaceful rural adventure, want a map for an exciting wilderness battle, or a setting for an urban heist, there is something for every type and tone of adventure (as long as it is set in a roughly medieval setting and one of the locations represented)

Town maps:

  • Mill and bridge. Mill has a second floor
  • Smithy, which could be on the same river
  • Two floor tavern that can be converted to a small fort. Upper floor overlooks bottom floor.
  • A temple with a new part crafted onto an old part, the old part is suspiciously fortified...
  • A well by some spooky woods.


  • A cliff path, with a river running across it
  • A lake - a stream leads into it, there are several nearby islands and a tiny dock with boats
  • A river with a waterfall
  • A river washed out by a landslide
  • 3 maps of the same patch of forest with different levels of flooding
  • 3 maps of the same ruins with different levels of flooding


  • A 3 floor manor with hidden cellar, separate servants' quarters,  a stable, and lavish displays of luxury in the guest area. Living quarters upstairs look over the first floor. See also A Dish Served Cold for an adventure incorporating these.
  • A large market, with an area for higher-end goods, a stage, a food area, a farmer's market, and a less authorized, dingier part of the market.
  • Smaller market maps derived from these areas.
  • A 4 story guard tower + dungeon in basement.

Use in home games, or in your adventures. Licensed under a Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.

If the game has a grid and you want a gridless version, let me know.

I could be open to making other small adjustments but might charge more.


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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town-grids.zip 152 MB
Raincheck_maps.zip 208 MB

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