Goal reached!

I've reached the goal in half the time I expected!  This is the most I've ever made from a single non 5e adventure, and I wasn't sure it would actually happen, so I'm glad there was so much interest!

What next?

  • I set an end date for itchfunding for August 3 because I won't have a lot of time to get the logistics of printing them sorted out for a few weeks. I have realized I also probably want to tweak the layout before printing. I hope to have a chance to make physical copies before then, but no promises - I'll probably arrange to get physical copies printed in August.
  • I've re-activated community copies and added the ones for sales to date.


[Done] $75 was a more or less arbitrary number chosen because I felt like if I could sell that much in 2 months, that means there's enough interest to make a small print run worth it.

$150: At this point I estimate I'll have broken even. At that point I'll make all the monsters CC-BY.


murky_bog.pdf 16 MB
Jul 04, 2021
murky_bog_unmarked_map.png 8 MB
Jul 03, 2021
murky_bog_accessbile.pdf 129 kB
Jul 06, 2021

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