Itchfunding period over; physical copies available!

- I've increased the price by 50 cents to better reflect the amount of time I've now spent on this pamphlet.
- I've added the files that I sent to Mixam for printing. Feel free to use them to print your own personal copy.

Physical copies for sale:

- I am currently starting by making them available within the US and will expand to other countries once I've figured things out. I know that right now shipping to the EU is complicated; I need to find out what other pitfalls there might be. If I can just send them through international mail the cost will probably be 5.5 USD.

- Physical copies are entered as a physical reward, so please scroll to that part of the page and click that button.

- I'm sending things as letters through the USPS mail. I'm hoping a non-machinable stamp will keep them from being overly bent.

- I've never done this before so bear with me!

People who itchfunded:

- As promised, I'll go back and send physical copies to people who itchfunded before they were available, if interested. You'll have to message me either on itch (if that's possible),  or on twitter (@SeedlingGames) or email me at my gmail account (seedling.ttrpg) 

- If you paid during the itchfunding period, the cost of a physical copy is 3.98, including whatever you might have previously paid.

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