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In this system-agnostic game in a fantasy world, the players are all agents of the Library, sworn to carry out its will.  In this one-shot they can become entangled in book-themed royal intrigue, outwit a dragon who has taken control of all scientific journals, save the kingdom, and, most importantly, retrieve an overdue library book.

This is a probably-no-combat one shot adventure, suitable for dungeon-themed games of any level or a wide variety of other systems.

Content warnings: Alcohol, labour exploitation, grad school, nothing else really as far as I can think.

Assumptions about the world: Contains humans, gnomes, human-bird hybrids, libraries, books, scientific journals, dragons, a geographically improbable assortment of teas.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsNon violent, One-shot, poc-made


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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This was a lot of fun, thanks! I'm very curious whether you've worked in libraries before... Non-combat adventures are always welcome, and we thought it worked well.

I've left a review for you so I won't repeat everything here. It's a bargain at the listed price (though I got it in one of your bundles), and I'd be happy to try further adventures in this setting.

Glad you liked it! I actually never have worked in a library, some of it was inspired by my time in grad school and my general love of libraries, as well as a tendency to forget to return books on time, but that's it.

Well, I'm happy to report it rang true to a bunch of (mostly former) library staff


I just learned that reviews aren't public and only the owner can see them, which is... not how reviews work, what!? So here that is for people browsing.

We ran this over Christmas as a group of 4. We had a great time; we are not the quickest of groups usually, but got through this in 3 hours. It's easy to run, and doesn't need much prep if you've run games before - in fact I'd briefly glanced over the adventure a few weeks before, and otherwise ran it on the fly.

The adventure

The plot is simple enough to be easy for players to pick up on, while having enough wrinkles to keep things interesting. Mine immediately suspected some of what was going on, but I don't mind that - much better than them being baffled and unsure what to do. The character presentation with goals and complications was very helpful for improvising what happens.

To a large extent you could reskin this to a variety of settings by changing who people are and why the book is important. The link between the book, ceremony and kingship is specific (and non-intuitive) enough that it needs to be highlighted; this could be smoothed out if you'd run something else in the same setting beforehand.

Kirigaranan's section was made easier by my party getting Palan to show them the way and ease tensions a bit, which isn't something the adventure specifically covers but was simple enough.


We liked both the actual art and the presentation as a whole - it's not trying to be an intricate thing of beauty, which is good, because all too often that makes things inaccessible and hard to read. There's a good balance between looking nice and being easy to use.


The simple rules in the adventure look fine if you don't plan to run it in your system of choice. We actually ended up running it as a follow-up to Definitely Wizards and used the characters and rules from that, which worked pretty smoothly and was a fun combo.


Most of our group are/were library staff of one kind or another, so the presentation of the library was close to home. I'm not sure if the authors have library experience but it felt like it. Not having an address on file for Kirigaranan raised a few eyebrows around my table - I went with him having registered under the hotel where he stayed.

Minor quibbles/suggestions

First, we'd all have liked to have the art collected at the end, so the GM can more easily show it to players! It was a bit of a faff showing them character portraits and so on without putting spoilers on screen. Having made the effort to find such nice art, it'd be worth making it easy for the players to enjoy.

Second, sometimes the division of information was a little fiddly to manage while GMing. In particular, information on Kirigaranan and his village is split between pages 4 and 10, so I ended up flipping back and forth a lot.

Oh, and thirdly, page numbers are always nice!

We recorded our game, for anyone still inexplicably unsure whether they want to buy this.