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Create a world that changes the further you are from what is familiar. Use it for solo gaming, GM prep, GM-less games, drawing maps or worldbuilding just for fun. Use it for stories about fighting dragons, or stories with no fighting at all. Bring the world to life with random tables of everything from abstract social values to legumes.

What do I need?

  • At least one six sided die
  • Pencil and paper
  • Friends and other TTRPG books (optional)

What formats does this come in?

  • Small booklets in PDF form, meant to be read electronically, both as pages and spreads.
  • A booklet intended for printing on a home printer. Requires trimming down to size, and a stapler or something.
  • A PDF version that is text-only and has minimal formatting, beyond headings being marked. It should be possible to navigate it with a screenreader. Let me know if there's a better format for accessibility.

Physical copies will also be made available at some point in the future, after they have been sent out to those who have indicated interest during the itchfunding period.

A bonus insert for Wanderhome has been created. At least one more is coming soon. It can be downloaded for free. For a more screenreader-friendly version, you can find it here: https://seedlinggames.github.io/blogging/extras/wanderhome_for_PFLTPA.html

Zine Month and Itchfunding

Itchfunding is now completed, and the final version is available for sale. In the process, we made this cool progress bar:

I have kept some of the original files up, in case someone really wants to look at those.

If you want to hear about other things I'm working on, blog posts I write, and other people's games that I've been excited about lately, I have a mailing list: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/seedling-games

This was part of Zine Month 2022!  It might be possible to still back some of the games here: https://www.zinemonth.com/

Physical Copies

If you are in the US only, you can buy a physical copy using the link below.

If you are outside the US, or want to bundle the purchase with other people's zines, there are a few options for online stores that can handle international distribution:

- Ratti Incantati, in Canada

- Third Kingdom Games, in the US

Credits and Licensing

ART CREDITS: Some interior art by Evlyn Moreau (licensed via her Patreon), Perplexing Ruins (also licensed via his Patreon),  Charles Ferguson-Avery of Feral Indie Studio, and Direquest (from various stock art packs on Dungeon Master’s Guild).

Dice font is Dicier, by Speak the Sky (can be found on itch.io). Other fonts are Vollkorn and Hammersmith One.

Cover by Thomas Novosel (licensed via his Patreon, ThomasNo).
Proofreading done by Walton Wood.

I've made an itch collection of games that I like that have some similarities to these games: https://itch.io/c/1838271/ptdtpa-inspiration


I haven't given it an official license, but:

- Anything you produce with these tables can be used for any purpose you want and I'm pretty sure I couldn't claim copyright even if I wanted to. Same with making similar tables. But if I inspire you, a mention would be appreciated.

- You may make unlimited copies for yourself and your friends. If you want to copy the actual text for a commercial project, I’ll probably say yes, probably with enthusiasm, just run it by me (@SeedlingGames on Twitter). 

Why not give it a license?

1. I think a lot of licenses over-claim what can be copyrighted, or at least what should be copyrightable. I think if you just make something heavily inspired by this, or using the same mechanics, it's less a matter of copyright and more a matter of acknowledgement being a nice thing to do.

2. If you release it under some license, I don't think clauses like "no fascists" or "large corporations have to pay me" actually are enforceable. Also, barring cases like that, I don't see a need to get the legal system involved in what people do with my games.

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At the moment new copies will not mail until after Nov 19, 2023.

They will be sent as regular letter mail via USPS inside a normal letter envelope, allowing me to keep shipping costs low. I'll generally mail them out within a week. Unfortunately, this means I can't send this to an address where a customs form is required - this may include military addresses.


Download demo

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