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Current status

A lot more people than I expected have shown interest in this, and this is the most popular anything I've published so far has been, so this has been very exciting!  I'm even getting close to running out of space on my little map progress bar, and I deliberately gave myself way more space than I thought I'd need.

I've just finished up the final pre-edited version. It's 28 pages (+4 for the cover), so 12 more pages overall. Some of that is giving the layout a little more room, now that I don't have to quite try as hard to keep costs down above all else, but there are also a bunch more random tables, including two pages for generating NPCs, an example of play that hopefully clears up some of the confusion I heard about from playtesting, an alternate, shorter version of the Deep Wilds, and three journey tables for crossing barriers: mountains, the deserts and the seas.  This is a bit different from what I said I was looking into doing in the last dev update: as promised, I tried a couple different directions, and decided to stick with things that I felt confident were as good as the rest of it.

Next Steps

Next up is editing. Once editing is done, I can put up the final PDF, make a screenreader friendly version, and a printer friendly version as well.

After that, I'll look into printing. My default is Mixam, and is what I budgeted for. However, given the success of this project, I've heard there is local union printing around here, which I might look into and see if they offer something comparable. They might even have more options Mixam doesn't. That'll probably happen after editing is done, though.

I've also been working on some little extra PDFs that I'll hopefully be able to start sharing in the next week or two. I'm putting together a guide for using it in Wanderhome, and a rougher draft of a guide for more OSR-type systems.

Other Zine Month Games

You can find the full list of zine month projects here: But I'll highlight a few projects that I particularly like, with a focus on ones that haven't gotten huge funding numbers yet.

Finishing up in a few days is The Royal Cartographer. I got to playtest an early version of the solo rules for this, and it's a really great take on worldbuilding, exploring the unreliability of maps and how people and politics gets in the way. It's got only a few days left.

Roguelike Dungeon will help you with dungeon creation, something that I have *not* included in mine. It's still a bit short of its goal:

Trail With No Name is about traveling as well, but with a cool animal companion. I haven't tried using it in conjunction with Procedures yet, but I plan to once I get a chance. Definitely going to go with the Dire Goose.

Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard is another one I playtested. Also journey themed, but more of a journalling game: if you like solo journalling games, it's a great example of the genre in a fantasy setting:

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