Full version released (v2.0)

Thanks to everyone for supporting this project! I realized I never updated at the end of zine month, but I'm sure many of you are more than aware it's the end of zine month thanks to other projects you've backed. I think it was a great success, and have been able to hire an editor as a result, and learned a lot about commas. I'm probably using commas wrong in this post actually.

The full, 32 page version of this zine has been uploaded in a variety of formats. It's 60% longer, with some new journey types, some new options for some old ones, more tables to flesh out your journey, and two pages of NPCs. I've also improved the layout and added an example of play after getting some feedback on the early draft. And thanks to @LiberLudorum (https://liberludorum.com/) for proofreading!

Next up is getting physical copies printed. I originally got an estimate from Mixam, but probably next weekend I'll explore some local options as well. There will be a few little bonus pdfs to come that I just need to finish up. I've got something on using it in Wanderhome and something on more OSR-style use. They'll be a little plainer, and you can print them out and tuck them into the booklet if you'd like.

You still have the option of printing at home. I realized the colours were messed up in v1 but they should be fixed now.

I'll eventually write up a blog post about my experience with zine month and with itchfunding, which I'll probably post on my very occasional newsletter that you can find here: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/seedling-games


procedures_v2.0_spreads.pdf 15 MB
Mar 16, 2022
procedures_v2.0_pages.pdf 15 MB
Mar 16, 2022
procedures_v2.0_printer_friendly_letter.pdf 24 MB
Mar 16, 2022
procedures_v2.0_printer_friendly_a5.pdf 22 MB
Mar 16, 2022
procedures_v2.0_text_only.pdf 487 kB
Mar 16, 2022

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