Version 1.0


I've revised some of the text, mostly for clarity and writing quality, and removed the one remaining TODO, and I'm now willing to call it a complete product, albeit one that I hope to add to.  Thanks for checking out the first version!

Next steps:

  • Have physical copies printed around February, for Zine Month (
  • Play around a bit more with dungeon and city exploration rules, adding an extra 4 pages. They won't make it in unless I'm happy with the outcome, so there's no guarantee it'll happen.
  • Pay for real editing. This will happen after I've either done the latter or given up on it, obviously.
  • Very tentatively, finish up a canon-less campaign setting that is about 80% done and that Procedures was originally made for. There's a decent chance this doesn't get done by the end of February, though.

So far this is the most enthusiasm I've had for any particular product I've made, so I'm pretty confident about doing physical copies in some form.

I might do pre-orders of physical copies within the US fulfilled by me via a physical reward on itch. While I don't feel prepared to personally do an international distribution and navigate all of the import laws involved, I am pretty sure I can convince an actual online store to carry copies, there might just be a bit more of a delay there. I'm also looking into other options.


procedures_path_SPREADS_v1_0.pdf 9 MB
Jan 05, 2022
procedures_path_PRINTABLE_BOOKLET_v1_0.pdf 440 kB
Jan 05, 2022
procedures_path_PAGES_v1_0.pdf 9 MB
Jan 05, 2022
procedures_path_PLAINTEXT_v1_0.pdf 440 kB
Jan 05, 2022

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