First bonus handout and update on physical copies

As promised, if the game funded enough, I'd finish up some extra things I was working on.  I've noticed that people tend to take this in two directions - as a fairly low-stakes journey through the woods, and as a more OSR-ish expedition.  

The first extra handout I've produced is thus for Wanderhome. The front side is about mapping Wanderhome locations to table entries in the main overland travel table. An optional token-based procedures is also included.  The back side is about making some of the more dangerous spirits that are alluded to work with Wanderhome's no-violence setting, albeit leaning heavily on the themes of trauma in the game.

I'm currently working on something about my thoughts on more OSR-style exploration.

Other updates:

Physical copies have been printed and are currently being shipped to me.  It'll be a bit more work after that to set up the logistics of how I'll do fulfillment, but it's happening! 


bonus_wanderhome_handout.pdf 41 kB
Apr 23, 2022

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