New OSR (Cairn) guide and physical copies

The second extra handout has been added, this one would be two pages. It gives some random encounters and advice on using types of locations in Cairn, a OSR game. This guide can probably be readily adapted to other OSR games, especially those closely related to Cairn. It could probably be adapted to modern D&D as well.

In addition, physical copies are now available to everyone within the US. If you bought a copy during itchfunding and reserved a physical copy at the time, check your email for a cheaper copy so you don't have to buy it again. Actually, even if you haven't, if you have bought a PDF and want to upgrade, just message me and I'll sort it out - at least so far, the demand hasn't been so overwhelming I can't do it manually.

I've been procrastinating on reaching out to stores that can handle international shipping, but I will do it soon. Or at some point.


ptdtpa_cairn_extra_v1.0.pdf 42 kB
May 30, 2022

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